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Anthropologie, génétique et peuplements
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Claudio Quilodran

Maître assistant

My research focuses on ecology and evolution with a special emphasis on modelling and simulating population dynamics.

Dépt. de Génétique & Evolution
Laboratoire AGP
Quai Ernest-Ansermet 30
1205 Genève / Suisse
+41 22 379 69 64

A central question of my research is the evolutionary response of species to environmental disturbances that influences new breeding overlaps between species or populations, breaking their independent evolution. This particularly concerns the genomic impact of hybridization, invasive species, and climate change on the the past and future evolution of biodiversity.

I have specialised in the development of mathematical and statistical models, implemented to empirical observations in evolution, ecology, and conservation biology. A major subject of my research is applying and developing new bioinformatic tools to understand the genetic-phenotype-environmental interactions at the population and individual base levels, taking into account temporal and spatially explicit attributes.

For more information please consult my personal web site

Scientific articles (peer-reviewed)


  • Ali HA, Coulson T, Clegg SM, and CS Quilodrán. In press. The effect of divergent and parallel selection on the genomic landscape of divergence. Molecular Ecology.
  • In press. Quilodrán CS, Currat M and JI Montoya-Burgos. In press. Benchmarking the Mantel test and derived methods for testing association between distance matrices. Molecular Ecology Resources.
  • In press. Di Santo L, Quilodrán CS and Currat M. In press. Temporal variation in introgressed segments' length statistics sheds light on past admixture pulses. Molecular Biology and Evolution.
  • Quilodrán CS, Rio J, Tsoupas A, and M Currat. 2023. Past human expansions shaped the spatial pattern of Neanderthal ancestry. Science Advances.
  • Fuentes-Allende N, Quilodrán CS, Jofré A, and B González. 2023. Behavioral responses of vicuñas to human activities at priority feeding sites associated with roads in the highland desert of northern Chile. International journal of agriculture and natural resources.
  • Nussberger B, Barbosa S, Beaumont M, Currat M, Devillard S, Heurich M, Howard-McCombe J, Mattucci F, Nowak C, Quilodrán CS, Senn H, Alves PC and EUROWILDCAT Consortium. 2023. A common statement on anthropogenic hybridization of the European wildcat (Felis silvestris). Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 11:1156387.
  • Sandvig EM, Quilodrán CS, Altamirano TA, Aguirre F, Barroso O, Rivero de Aguilar J, Schaub S, Kéry M, Vásquez RA, and R Rozzi. 2023. Survival rates in the world's southernmost forest bird community. Ecology and Evolution 13(6):e10143.











Book chapters (peer-reviewed)


  • Quilodrán CS. 2016. Biodiversity loss by interspecific hybridization and invasive species. Thesis to obtain the degree of Ph.D. in Biological Sciences. Department of Genetics and Evolution. Faculty of Sciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Quilodrán CS. 2010. Conspecific effect in habitat selection and nesting of Thorn-Tailed Rayadito (Aphrastura spinicauda; Furnaridae) in a Pinus radiata plantation. Master in Biological Sciences, Graduate School of Sciences, University of Chile.
  • Quilodrán CS. 2008. Frugivory by rodents in Gaultheria mucronata (Ericaceae) and Myrteola nummularia (Myrtaceae) in secondary scrubs of Chiloé Island. Engineer in Natural Resources, Graduate School of Agronomy, University of Chile.

  • Quilodrán CS. 2016. My Thesis in 180 Seconds. 2nd Jury Prize and 1st People's Choice Award

Principal Investigator


Science Advances

Quilodrán CS, Rio J, Tsoupas A, and M Currat. 2023. Past human expansions shaped the spatial pattern of Neanderthal ancestry. Science Advances 9(42).

Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Quilodrán CS, Ruegg KC, Sendell-Price AT, Anderson EC, Coulson T and SM Clegg. 2020. The many population genetic and demographic routes to islands of genomic divergence. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 11(1):6-21.


Quilodrán CS, Nussberger B, Montoya-Burgos JI and M Currat. 2019. Hybridization and introgression during density-dependent range expansion: European wildcats as a case study. Evolution, 73(4):750-761.

Evolutionary Applications

Quilodrán CS, Montoya-Burgos JI, Currat M. 2015. Modelling interspecific hybridization with genome exclusion to identify conservation actions: the case of native and invasive Pelophylax waterfrogs. Evolutionary Applications, 8(2):199-210.

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Past human expansions shaped the spatial pattern of Neanderthal ancestry
New bird species on the southernmost islands of the Americas
Hybridization between wildcats and domestic cats in the Swiss Jura
Waterfrogs Hybridization
Hybridization General Model
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