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Anthropoloy, genetics and peopling history
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Alicia Sanchez-Mazas

Alicia Sanchez-Mazas

Full Professor / Professeure ordinaire

My main scientific interest is to understand the genetic diversity and evolution of human populations, with a main focus on the evolution of immune genes (MHC, HLA): how to explain the molecular differences and similarities observed within and between populations worldwide? What does this genetic variation tell us about, on one hand, the history of our species and, on the other hand, the immune adaptation of humans to different environments?

Dépt. de Génétique & Evolution
Laboratoire AGP
Quai Ernest-Ansermet 30
1205 Genève / Suisse
+41 22 379 69 84

Current positions

The major histocompatibility complex in humans, HLA, is the focus of my investigations. It is both the most polymorphic locus of our genome and the most directly involved in the adaptive immune response and the rejection of tissular transplants. Therefore, it is not only interesting for research in human evolution, but also for the understanding of genetic susceptibility or resistance to diseases and for the search of compatible bone marrow or organ donors for patients needing a transplant. Our research is thus also motivated by public health issues.

Since 1996, my group, with Dr José Nunes, plays an important role in the international coordination of research on the molecular diversity of the HLA system within the framework of successive International HLA and Immunogenetics Workshops (IHIW). Since 2009, we also lead HLA-NET (, a large European network aiming at implementing population data, standards of analysis, aswell as statistical and computer tools for the study of HLA diversity at the population level. Such developments are essential both for analyzing human genetic evolution and for searching compatible donors in transplantation. In this context, we closely collaborate with the National Reference Laboratory for Histocompatibility (LNHR) located in the HUG (Dr J-M Tiercy and J.Villard) and the Swiss Blood Stem Cells Foundation which manages the national registries of stem cells donors in Bern.

Within the framework of our investigations on human peopling history, we adopt an interdisciplinary approach according to which our genetic results are faced to paleontology (study of fossils), prehistoric archaeology (study of cultural vestiges), historical linguistics (study of the evolution of language families),and epidemiology (study of pathogens, diseases and their evolution). In this context, we collaborate with different teams of anthropologists, archaeologists, linguists and geneticists. Our projects, regularly funded by the National Swiss Foundation for Scientific Research (FNS) for more than 20 years, addresses questions related to the genetic history of diverse continents of which sub-Saharan Africa, the likely homeland of modern humans, but also East Asia and Europe.

At the level of the genome, our works lead us to propose essential hypotheses on the molecular mechanisms governing the evolution of the HLA system (asymmetric balancing selection or purifying selection, depending on the loci). This mode of evolution is compared with that of other human polymorphisms, such as classical markers and, in collaboration with Dr E. Poloni, mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome polymorphisms. The experimental approaches by computer simulation developed by Dr Mr Currat also serve us, for some years, to test the likelihood of the scenarios of peopling history proposed in our projects and to estimate quantitatively the effects of natural selection on the evolution of the HLA system.

Peer-reviewed journal articles

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Edited books

  • 2013 Sanchez-Mazas A & Barbujani G, eds. (2013, paru en 2014) Genetic Diversity in European Populations: Evolutionary Evidence and Medical Implications. Human Heredity, Special volume, Vol. 76, No.3-4.
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Book chapters & Proceedings

  • 2016 Sanchez-Mazas A. (2016) Diversification biologique et culturelle des populations humaines au cours de leur evolution. In: Fournier Kiss C, Bordessoule-Gillieron N, Suter P (eds) Regards sur l'Interculturalite, Un parcours interdisciplinaire. M?tisPresses, p.75-90.
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Popularized books & papers

  • 2020 Naciri Y, Dewaele R, Clerc P, Alvarez N, Chytil T, Lecointre G, Sanchez-Mazas A, Kampourakis K, Charlier P (2020) Le grand bazar de l'evolution. Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Geneve, Museum d'Histoire Naturelle de Geneve, RTS Decouverte, Bioscope.
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  • 1990 Sanchez-Mazas, A. Point de vue: Il n'y a plus de races. Pour la Science , 155 et 158:9 et 8.

Current project

Recently funded research projects

  • FNS project (2012-2016): Early human settlements in contrasting environments: HLA molecular variation and its link to population expansions and immune adaptation.
  • FNS project (2009-2012): Early human settlements in East Asia: HLA molecular variation, population expansions and linguistic differentiations.
  • FP7 project (2012-2015): A Europe-wide strategy to enhance Transplantation of highly sensitized patients on basis of Acceptable HLA Mismatches.

In charge of the following courses:

  • Evolution (mandatory 3rd year BA)
  • Human Biology Autumn and Spring (restricted choice 3rd year BA)
  • Molecular Population Genetics Training Course (master, course in english)

Teaches also in the following courses:

  • The Immune System (restricted choice 3rd year BA)
  • Master Course in Genetics, Development and Evolution (master, course in english).
  • Biodiversity (master)
  • Methodology of Research in Biology (free choice)
  • General Prehistory (free choice)
  • Biological and Cultural Anthropology seminar (free choice).

In charge of the option BioInformatics and Data Analysis in Biology (BIADB) of the Master in biology.

Director of the Doctoral Program in Ecology and Evolution of CUSO.

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