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Anthropoloy, genetics and peopling history
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Meet the team

We come from many places around the world to form a tight community of researchers focused on the diversity and biological evolution of human populations. At the AGP laboratory, we share a strong commitment to scientific rigor combined with a shared enthousiasm for exploring ideas, learning and sharing about facts, approaches, and concepts, and discovering new facets of evolutionary biology.

AGP members circa June 2022

AGP members / June 2022

Ms Caroline Stemberger Duri / +41 22 379 69 67 /
Open on Monday*, Tuesday, Thursday* and Friday* — (*) mornings only.

Researchers and teachers directory

Name Position Phone Email
Portrait of Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
Alicia Sanchez-Mazas
Full Professor / Professeure ordinaire +41 22 379 69 84
Portrait of Estella Poloni
Estella Poloni
Senior Lecturer Researcher +41 22 379 69 77
Portrait of Mathias Currat
Mathias Currat
Senior Lecturer +41 22 379 69 79
Portrait of André Langaney
André Langaney
Professeur honoraire +41 22 379 69 68
Portrait of Jose Nunes
Jose Nunes
Chargé de cours +41 22 379 36 83
Portrait of Pascale Gerbault
Pascale Gerbault
Maître assistante +41 22 379 69 65
Portrait of Claudio Quilodran
Claudio Quilodran
Maître assistant +41 22 379 69 64
Portrait of Lionel Di Santo
Lionel Di Santo
Post-doc +41 22 379 69 40
Portrait of Kostas Kampourakis
Kostas Kampourakis
Maitre d'Enseignement et de recherche/ Chargé d'enseignement +41 22 379 07 22
Portrait of Mederic Mouterde
Mederic Mouterde
Post-doc +41 22 379 69 40
Portrait of Thomas Goeury
Thomas Goeury

Students directory

Name Degree Email
Portrait of Ndeye Faye
Ndeye Faye
Portrait of Léonore Froidevaux
Léonore Froidevaux
Portrait of Vivien Ramos
Vivien Ramos
Portrait of Alexandros Tsoupas
Alexandros Tsoupas
Portrait of Lucie Tournayre
Lucie Tournayre

Former Master/PhD students, Post-doc and alumni

The following students have completed their Master, PhD or Post-Doc at the AGP laboratory.

Name Degree Year
Jeanne Simon Thomas Master 2023
Paola Cerrito Visiting PhD 2022
Youssef Tawfik Master 2022
Nicolas Baez Master 2021
Catarina Branco Visiting PhD 2021
Loris Sonno Master 2021
Thomas Goeury PhD 2020
Jeremy Rio PhD 2020
Claudio Quilodran Post-doc 2019
Reem Adem Master 2018
Audrey Bourdilloud ARE 2018
Damien Fiorucci ARE 2018
Anne Morel ARE 2018
Cyril Schor Master 2018
Etienne Zuccone Master 2018
Nuno Silva PhD 2017
Christelle Vangenot PhD 2017
Nicolas Broccard Master 2016
Pascal Droin Master 2016
Dillenn Terumalai Master 2016
Maeva Pasquier Master 2016
Claudio Quilodran PhD 2016
Juliano Boquett Visiting PhD 2015
Virginie Chapuis Master 2015
Elodie Chevallier Master 2015
Claire Gabioud Master 2015
Rui Martiniano Visiting PhD 2015
Maria Eugenia Riccio PhD 2015
Anna Rudzinski Visiting PhD 2015
Da Di Post-doc 2014
Eliska Podgorna Visiting PhD 2014
Anna Rudzinski Visiting PhD 2014
Mélanie Cuénod Master 2013
Da Di PhD 2013
Zuzana Hofmanova Visiting PhD 2013
Rodrigo dos Santos Francisco Visiting PhD 2013
Mélanie Arcangeli Master 2012
Caroline Schmid Master 2012
Jean-François Lemaître Post-doc 2011
Mona Schreiber Visiting master 2011
Fabien Ries Master 2009
Coralie Frassati Post-doc 2008
Pascale Gerbault Visiting scientist 2008
Stephane Buhler PhD 2007
Lam Le-Than Master 2007
Silvia Sebastiani Master 2007
Céline Moret Master 2006
Yann Beyer Master 2004
Rute Bucho Master 2004
Mehmet Sehir Master 2003
Johan Renquin Master 2002
Fanny Perret Master -
Johan Schulthess Master -
Joelle Ast - -
Tanya Uldin PhD -
Xavier Brochet Collaborateur scientifique I -

Staff directory

Name Position Phone Email
Portrait of Slim Chraiti
Slim Chraiti
Photographe +41 22 379 35 34
Portrait of David Roessli
David Roessli
Collaborateur scientifique +41 22 379 69 66
Portrait of Caroline Stemberger Duri
Caroline Stemberger Duri
Secrétaire +41 22 379 69 67
Portrait of Stephan Weber
Stephan Weber
Computer scientist +41 22 37 96972

Former staff

We had the honour and pleasure of working with the following persons before they moved to another job or retired.

Name Position
Lydie Brunet Laborantine
Barbara Kervaire Laborante
Marie-Noelle Lahouze Documentaliste
Carol Metroz Secrétaire

External collaborators directory

Name Position Phone Email
Portrait of Ninian Hubert van Blijenburgh
Ninian Hubert van Blijenburgh
Chargé de cours
Portrait of Da Di
Da Di
Maître assistant
Portrait of Enrique Alanis Dominguez
Enrique Alanis Dominguez
Portrait of Stephane Buhler
Stephane Buhler
Collaborateur externe
Portrait of Jeremy Rio
Jeremy Rio
Collaborateur externe
Portrait of Christelle Vangenot
Christelle Vangenot
Collaboratrice externe

Master openings

Every year, we offer various topics of master's degree in biology or bi-disciplinary master's degree in biology-mathematics related to the genetic diversity and history of the human species.

Depending on the subject of interest, please contact Alicia Sanchez-Mazas, Estella Poloni, Mathias Currat, José De Abreu Nunes and/or Ninian Hubert van Blyenburgh.

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